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Events: Council Meeting 2016-07-05
Regular meeting of council ...
Events: Council Meeting 2016-07-18
Regular meeting of council. ...
Events: Council Meeting 2016-06-21
Regular meeting of council ...
Events: Livelong Summerspiel 2016-07-10
The 20th annual Livelong Summerspiel will r...
Events: Transfer Station Open 2016-07-09
Transfer Station Open this Saturday ...
Events: Transfer Station Open 2016-08-06
Transfer Station open this Saturday ...
Events: Transfer Station Open 2016-09-10
Transfer Station Open this Saturday ...
Events: Two Person Golf Tourney 2016-07-16
Mervin Golf Course is hosting a Two person Al...
Events: CPCA Chuckwagon Races 2016-08-12
CPCA Chuckwagon Races

Health and Wellness
Riverside Health Complex is located just west of Turtleford on highway 303. It includes a Health Center as well as Long Term Care
The Turtleford Events Calendar is found on this page
Turtle Valley Lodge
Turtle Valley Lodge is a collective Housing project geared towards senior citiczens
Turtleford photo gallery is on this page.
Community Center
The Turtleford Community Center is the hub of the Turtleford Community, whether it is hockey or weddings,funerals,graduations, people gather here.
Turtleford is home to many forms of recreation including hockey,figure skating,baseball and softball. The Mervin and District Golf Course opened in 1965.
Administration Department
The primary function of the Turtleford administation department is to ensure that proper legislative processes are being followed by the town council
The Lions Campground on the edge of town offers travellers a place to rest and spend the night. There is a playground, ball diamonds, picnic and campsites.
100 years of Turtleford
100 years of Turtleford. Video showcasing the first century of the Turtleford Community.
Points of Interest
Turtleford has many Points of Interest, including Ernie the Turtleand the Turtleford and District Museum.
The Turtleford Community School, home of the Titans as well as the Turtleford transition School are located on this page
Public Works Department
The Public works department is responsible for the town of Turtleford infrastructure,construction snd maintenance of streets, lanes, sidewalks and water and sewer systems
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Waste Management
Turtleford Waste Management Transfer station site is located 1 kilometer west on Highway 303
Contact Us
Contact the Town of Turtleford, in person or by telephone ou use our contact form
Turtleford Volunteer Fire Department
Turtleford Volunteer Fire Department is jointly supported by both the town of Turtleford and the R.M. of Mervin
Town Office
Notices for the town of Turtleford can be found on this page
Town of Turtleford financial information
Turtleford Emergency Management
Turtleford Emergency Measures Co-ordinator interprets and implements the Emergency Measures Organization Plan when required
The Turtleford Town Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of every month.Council members attend the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association convention anually
Turtleford RCMP Detachment
The Turtleford RCMP Detachment is located at 505 Main Street and is responsible for law enforcement in the Turtleford District
Council Meeting Minutes are kept at all meetings and are available to the public
Turtleford Library
Turtleford Library offers avariety of resources including internet and computer access and childrens programming
Bylaws and Forms
Turtleford Town Bylaws and Forms including building permits for decks and sheds
Tax and Utilities Information
Tax and Utilities Information is located on this page
Location and Maps
The map of Turtleford and the 2015 google map are located on this page
A listing of the Businesses in the Town of Turtleford can be found on this page
Highways and Weather Conditions
Environment Canada weather and the Saskatchewan Highway Hotline information is located on this page




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