Turtleford Public Works Department

The Public Works Department is responsible for Town owned infrastructure, including the construction, maintenance and repair of streets and lanes, sidewalks, water and sewer systems, as well as sanitary collection and disposal. Their core functions include:

  • Identifying street construction or repairs;
  • Maintaining streets, including removing snow and controling ice;
  • Installing and maintaining traffic signs;
  • Repairing and maintaining water and sewer systems;
  • Managing and controlling water quality and water distribution network;
  • Maintaining water pumping stations, water reservoirs, sanitary sewer pumping stations and municipal lagoon system;
  • Managing water meter program;
  • Annual flushing of water distribution system;
  • Maintaining street signs and markings; and
  • General municipal facilities maintenance.

The Town Shop is located at 105 Third Street South.

Town Contractor

Allan Chambers


Marty Rivard




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